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First Birthday Fun: 11 Birthday Party Ideas to Make The Big Day Special!

May 4, 2024

Picture this: a cake with a single candle, little fingers digging into the frosting, and the biggest, brightest smile (or maybe some frustrated tears) you’ve ever seen. That’s the magic of a first birthday! It’s a very special occasion, a day filled with “firsts” for both you and your baby. While they might not remember the party itself, you’ll be creating a lifetime of cherished memories they can look back on. 

But with so much excitement comes the question: what theme will make this day truly unforgettable?  Well, fear not! As event stylists who’ve seen our fair share of first birthdays (and the cutest themes!), we’re here to help you out. We’ve got a whole list of ideas to inspire you, from whimsical to wild, so you can throw a first birthday party that’s both picture-perfect and perfect for your little one.

Beary First

Teddy bears: the epitome of cuddly comfort! For a first birthday that’s equal parts adorable and timeless, a “Beary First” theme is a winner. This classic concept creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for little ones who cherish their cuddle buddies. Our suggestion to make it extra special? A teddy bear holding a balloon garland alongside your little one sporting a cute bear-eared hat!

Wild One 

Unleash your little explorer’s wild side with a wild and roaring birthday celebration! Bursting with vibrant greens, oranges, and browns, this safari-theme brings the excitement of the wild right to your party space. Bringing your baby’s favourite safari friends to life as decorations, making this the perfect theme to celebrate their untamed curiosity and boundless energy – a perfect reflection of their first wild year!

Fairy First

Calling all fairy godmothers (and dads)! Here’s your chance to transform the venue into a magical and fairy wonderland. Think pastel hues, twinkling fairy lights, and whimsical decorations that sprinkle magic throughout your little one’s birthday celebration. This enchanting theme is perfect for the little one with a touch of pixie dust, making their first birthday a truly unforgettable experience!

First Wave 

Here is something close to our Brisbane and Gold Coast surf lovers. Ride the wave into a tropical first birthday celebration! This theme is designed for all the little wave-riders (and their parents) who can’t get enough of the ocean and sandy shores. A beachy theme is ideal not only for all beach enthusiasts but also for summer birthdays. Decorate your venue with vibrant blues, whites and sandy tones to evoke the beach. For an extra wave of fun, add a real or decorative surfboard – it’ll be the ultimate surfer statement piece!

First Trip Around the Sun 

Blast off to the first birthday with a ‘First Trip Around the Sun’ theme! This cosmic celebration commemorates your little one’s milestone year with creativity that reaches for the stars (literally!). Select from dazzling decorations featuring planets, comets, moons, or the entire galaxy – it’s the perfect motif for a spacefaring first-year explorer. Moreover, it is also a theme that can evolve with your child since you can repurpose the decorations for a space-themed room or future birthday festivities!

First Lap 

Is your little one a car lover at heart? Then this theme is perfect for all little speed demons (and, let’s be honest, parents who secretly miss their fast cars!).Vroom into the party with a racetrack theme featuring chequered flags, racetrack arches, and adorable mini cars. For an extra dose of cuteness, our suggestion is to create a special photo arch showcasing your little one’s “monthly laps” from birth to their big 1st birthday! 

Time Flies 

Take flight with a heartwarming birthday theme for your sky-loving little one! This theme is perfect for celebrating how quickly their first year soared by. Decorate with adorable aeroplanes, hot air balloons, and fluffy cloud mobiles. You can also string up propeller decorations and serve aeroplane-shaped cookies. Let your little pilot take centre stage in some adorable plane gear – it’ll be a picture-perfect party they’ll (almost) remember!

A Hole in One 

Fore! Get ready to putt-putt your way into a fun first birthday party with a “Hole in One” theme! Celebrate your little one’s milestone by transforming your venue into a miniature golf course. Unfurl green mats and decorate with white and green accents, creating a putting green wonderland inspired by your baby’s newfound love for golf. It’ll be a par-tee for everyone to enjoy, from your mini-golfing partner (the guest of honour!) to all the guests!

So Sweet to Be One 

When your sugar plum fairy turns one, you’ll want a party that’s deliciously sweet! Transform your venue into a world filled with the most colourful and playful candy-inspired decorations. Think giant lollipops, cupcake centrepieces, and balloon displays in every shade of the rainbow. Our suggestion is to sprinkle extra sweetness on the party with a candy cart overflowing with delicious treats for your little one and their guests! 


Let’s tumble down the rabbit hole and celebrate your little one’s first birthday with an “Onederland” themed bash! Step through the looking-glass and enter a magical land filled with curiosity and your little one’s favourite Wonderland characters. Imagine your venue transformed into a magical land with mismatched teacups, animals, and a giant clock – a true reflection of Wonderland’s timeless charm!

O-fish-ally One 

Life under the sea is better than anything they got up! So let’s take a dive into the ocean to celebrate your little mermaid’s first birthday with their favourite sea creatures. Transform your party space into a magical ocean wonderland with vibrant decorations featuring seashells, coral reefs, playful fish, and more! Embrace the underwater world’s dazzling colours for a truly special and unforgettable celebration.

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